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Seven reasons why working in Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality is the right choice for you

According to the dictionary definition, tourism is the business activity connected with providing accommodation, services and entertainment for people who are visiting a place for pleasure. That all sounds rather simplistic, don’t you think?

From Customer Service stars and Front of House staff to Marketing, HR and Finance, and Operations and Senior Management, there’s something for everyone.

Take a look at just why a job in the tourism industry, and all it has to offer, is perfect for you.

1. Flexibility

Working 9-5 used to be the way to make a living, but that’s fast becoming a thing of the past. Job seekers are looking for more flexibility in their work schedules – and that’s what you will find with a career in the Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality sector. It’s not always a case of working 9-5, Monday to Friday in a sector which is ‘always on’, meaning you can choose to work days or nights, weekdays or weekends.


2. There are plenty of doors to open and avenues to go down

Tourism is a very broad term, and under the umbrella you will find a huge range of jobs offering numerous career paths. No matter where your strengths lie, or what your specific interests are, you should be able to find a position that suits what you want.

3. Work? It doesn’t feel like it!

Companies are doing everything they can to raise professional satisfaction and make sure that job turnover is significantly reduced. It might sound simple, but organised team events or birthday lunches and after work social occasions help garner a real fun environment.

This means that employees are happier in their roles as they enjoy coming to work and that usually helps bring out the best in individuals.


4. An adaptable, universal experience

The goal is to provide a fantastic customer experience and that naturally means hospitality jobs hone a skill set that is universally recognised. The skills needed for life in tourism are applicable to any business in any corner of the world. Skills like communication, working in a team and humility make you very marketable.


5. Every day is different

Travel is proven to broaden the mind, but even those with their feet firmly on the ground can benefit creatively from what comes as standard with hospitality jobs. Talk to anyone in the industry and they will tell you that no two days are ever the same. Getting away from a rigid routine will help you become a flexible open-minded thinker.


6. Making connections

Let’s face it, the idea of seeing the world as part of your job is an enticing prospect, and if you choose the right job then you can travel. But even if you aren’t flying here, there and everywhere, there is joy to be had in making connections and networking with people. Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality is definitely a sector for people who love interacting with other people.



7. It can be easy to get started

Not all roles in tourism require you to be educated to a certain level. It’s often about the person, rather than their qualifications that attracts an employer to an employee, and this is definitely the case in the tourism industry. Put yourself forward, put in the effort, and you have a chance of getting hired. There is also a very real chance to rise through the ranks quickly in the sector.


Ready to consider working in the Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality sector?

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