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Why now is the perfect time to be considering a job in Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality

Like a coiled spring, the tourism, leisure and hospitality sectors in Wales and Scotland are ready to bounce back into action on Monday, April 26th, joining their English counterparts in welcoming customers back.


Pubs, cafes, and restaurants will resume outdoor services, while outdoor attractions, such as funfairs and theme parks can reopen.

It has been a particularly tough time for those working within tourism, leisure and hospitality over the past 12 months and counting due to the coronavirus pandemic, but fear not, the future is expected to be an exciting one, one that is bigger and better than ever.

By 2025 the UK tourism industry is reportedly set to be worth over £257 billion – up from £151 billion, which equates to around 10% of the GDP, supporting 3.8 million jobs in process.

The first few steps of the journey might be paved with obstacles as the Prime Minister maps out what the coming months hold for the nation, but the long-term road looks to be noticeably smoother than what has gone before it.

Why is a Job in Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality the right career path?

A job in tourism, leisure and hospitality doesn’t mean you will be handing out holiday brochures at one of the big-name travel agents or pointing out historic landmarks in York as a tour guide, far from it.

Tourism businesses need professionals in Accounting, Marketing, HR etc. just as much as they need Managers, Front of House staff, Cleaners, and everything in between.

Working in tourism, leisure and hospitality is a fantastic career where you see people at their happiest. You also work in a team who all want the same thing, which is to give customers the very best experience and memories that last a lifetime.

You don’t require set qualifications to work within the sector, but you do have to think on your feet and be prepared to go the extra mile for your customers. There are also thousands of flexible positions available – evenings, weekends, part time, full time – to fit around other commitments.

With demand comes opportunity and a career in tourism, leisure and hospitality is – as the figures suggest – set to be a smart and secure career choice offering a hugely diverse and exciting range of career choices and in some fantastic destinations.

One of the main challenges now, especially for around the next month until indoor hospitality reopens, appears to be the British weather, but as Dolly Parton once famously said: “If you want the rainbow, you must put up with the rain.”

Well, we’ve had the rain for long enough and now it’s time for the rainbow.

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