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Fancy a job in Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality? Here are three tips on how to get started and ease the sector’s staffing problems

The world of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality is certainly a varied one, throwing up countless opportunities across a broad spectrum of roles, hours, and shift patterns. From Hotel Manager, Front of House staff and Tour Guide, HR and Marketing, Security and Maintenance – and everything in between – there’s a job opportunity for everyone.

According to statistics, the sector makes up around 10% of global employment, which shows its wide-ranging appeal and the opportunities that could arise.

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics also show that there has been a 7.4% increase in wages in the hospitality sector to tempt people to fill vacancies.

So, if you are looking for an exciting fresh start or an energising change of direction here are some quick tips to help you on the journey.

Get stuck in

Don’t be afraid to start from – or near – the bottom of the ladder. Apply for an entry-level position or do work experience, because the world of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality is a fast-moving one and before you know it there could be a clear path for career progression.

Evaluate and develop your own skills

The industry is primarily service based, so strong communication skills, organisational skills, the ability to work as a team, and experience in customer service are top of the required list.

Consider working on any areas you might be lacking in skills-wise that would be needed for a career in the Tourism, Leisure, and Hospitality world - if you recognise your weaknesses then work on them as employers will definitely see this as a positive!

Consider your interests

What is it you enjoy? This will help narrow down your choices within the Tourism industry. Depending on the role you do, long hours or unusual shift patterns are par for the course, so make sure the job you do reflects your passion and engages your interests.

If you are allergic to animals, then working in a zoo probably isn’t for you. Equally, if you don’t like heights then being a zipline operator at Zip World is almost certainly not a career path you will be going down.

And for potential employers to know what your passion and interests are you need to make sure that your CV is up to date and ready to sell you and what you can bring to a company, to employers.

There you have it, three easy steps to help you on your way in the world of Tourism, Leisure, and Hospitality.

Once you’ve got that done, you are ready to start applying for jobs

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